Locales of the Free Isles

Gillespie - The largest port in the Free Isles and its de facto capital. The city is protected by walls and the stronghold of Fort Hazard. All manner of vices can be found in its twisting streets, and its busy markets thrive on the sale of stolen goods. Rumor has it that the plunder from decades of piracy is hidden in sea caves beneath the city. Despite being the capital of the Free Isles pirates, merchant ships sometimes dock here to trade. Those flying national flags are not welcome and gain no protection, but unaligned vessels are permitted to dock.

White Hall – The second largest settlement in the Free Isles behind Gillespie. It is ruled by Arronax Endymion, a member of the Pirate Council. Numerous imps have taken residence in the area recently, and Endymion has started trying to eradicate them. Pirates established the port town of White Hall in early years as the natural harbor is deep and easy to defend. They used limestone from ancient quarries and ruins from the Age of Legend to build tall watchtowers flanking its narrow harbor entrance.

Anchorage - A small city on the outskirts of the Free Isles, Anchorage is often lashed by storms coming in from the Faerie Sea. The city itself is constructed from driftwood and the remains of wrecked ships that was in from the ocean. Anchorage's most famous tavern is the Drowned Dog. It serves surprisingly tasty black kelp beer, but is notorious for its very high murder rate. The ruler of Anchorage is the pirate lord known as the Master of the Gales.

Myrmidon - A small town on the northeastern coast of Widowmaker Isle. It is known for the enormous gladitorial arena that occupies the center of the settlement. This arena is home to some of the most competitive and violent blood sports in the region.

Nettergun - This grim mining town is the only functioning settlement on Whyrlis Rock Island. The town is the base of operations of the slaver Alahandra Boisich, rumored to have once been a powerful baroness of the Kestrelt Empire. There is no wildlife around Nettergun save for bands of deepspawn, and no one can eat the sparse blighted crops that grow from the rocky soil. Water is drawn from the Elsewhere River, but all food is supplied by other islands and paid for by Alahandra. 

Henderson - The main settlement on the Firegrass Isle, it was founded roughly fourty years ago by the Henderson brothers, a trio of pirate captains. The Pirate Council laid the blame for all and any pirate misbehavior against Tyvorosi vessels on the Firegrass Island buccaneers. Made the scapegoats of every Tyvorosi complaint, these three captains adopted a flag with a white goat's head on a black field.

Locales of the Free Isles

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