Fragged Seas: Skull & Shackles

Session 8


Having rescued Sandara from the cruel grindylows, the party made their way back to the Man's Promise with mutinous intent. Plugg and Scourge had similar thoughts, however. When the party returned, their friends were tied up and Plugg, with weapon bared, gave them an ultimatum:  leave the ship and be marooned on the nearby island, or die.

The party did not take very kindly to the threat. 

Incapacitating those pirates who might still be brought around (and killing the others) the party quickly cut a swath to Plugg and Scourge. To his credit, however, Plugg rallied the Sharjhan defectors and displayed incredible prowess with his enchanted cutlass and trademark cat-o'-nine. When Scourge was unexpectedly knocked overboard by a swinging jib, however, the Sharjhans surrendered, and Plugg followed suit soon after Rip gave him the ultimatum Plugg had recently delivered to them.

With the Man's Promise taken, a vote amongst the remaining crew resulted in the now vacant captaincy going to Grimgar. Heeding the advice of Sandara and Kroop, Grim decided that avoiding the wrath of Captain Harrigan and getting the Promise squibbed was the best course of action, even if it meant dealing with the miserly Rickety himself.


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