Fragged Seas: Skull & Shackles

Session 7

Against the Brinebrood Queen

Continuing their attempt to rescue their lost mates Sandara and Maheem, the party formed two groups to cover more ground in the grindylows' cavern.  Fighting slowly through the deepspawns' defenses, they eventually regrouped as a hulking devilfish burst from the water and tried to drag a few of them into the depths of a dark chamber. 

Pushing back the beast and a flanking group of grindylow, the grindylow matron revealed herself in the light of unholy flame, empowering her allies before dropping Sandara and Maheem into the murky depths, silver ingots tied to their feet.

Desperately trying to reach the two captive pirates in time, Dane dashed ahead of the group, latching on to one of the devilfish's tentacles and riding it into the chamber. He nearly lost his head to the powerful bite of the beast, though, and he found that the situation was more dire than he imagined when a hideously corpulent grindylow emerged from the corpse- and bone-ridden waters intent on making Dane a snack.

With the situation looking grim, Rip called on the powers of the Deep Gods, sacrificing his lifeblood in a dark spell to entrance the sea monsters. In the lull, Tilly dove into the depths and cut Sandara free, but sadly Maheem, severely tortured by the grindylow, had already drowned.

As the party made their mad dash for escape, Grim covered them with musket fire and an amazing shot that removed a significant portion of the grindylow matron's skull. A portion of the cavern caved in, and the party retreated to the surface where they patched up their wounds and welcomed Sandara back into the fold. 


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