Fragged Seas: Skull & Shackles

Session 6

Rescue in Riptide Cove

The party, loading the supplies and plunder they located at the cliff-top stockade, made their way southerly through the overgrown corn fields on the far end of the island. Wandering and losing their way, they happened upon (or rather it could be said they were happened upon) a hunting Anunaki—a burrowing insectoid about 10 feet in length with iron-shearing mandibles and caustic spittle. Due to Shiv's vigilance, however, they were not taken by surprise and quickly dispatched the beast.

Finally navigating through the field, they came upon the southern coast of the island, where two grindylow taunted them with Sandara's tricorne hat. Deciding that attempting to hunt the beasts in the dark would be a foolish endeavor, the party made camp for the night, fearfully aware of the now-multiple draugr calls echoing from the north end of the island.

Much to their surprise, the party slept the night in peace. Climbing the ridges through the dense jungle, they discovered a sunken ship about a mile off the coast of the island as well as a shortcut into the grindylow's nearby lair. Deciding that they should wait until low tide before assaulting the grindylows, they made preparations for several hours.

Finally, with the sun directly overhead, they plunged into the dark waters of the grindylow's cave and fought off the first round of defenders…


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