Fragged Seas: Skull & Shackles

Session 5


Chosen as part of the skeleton crew for the stolen Man's Promise, the party finds themselves under the now-absolute power of Mister Plugg and his toadie Master Scourge, who immediately forbid grog rations and evening entertainment in favor of "disciplining this ragtag crew of misfits."

After a closed meeting between the officers and the rest of Plugg and Scourge's lackeys, the remaining crew starts to wonder what their fate will be, a worry compounded by Rosie's assertion that the ship has changed course and might be heading for the slaver's port of Bloodcove. Sandara, meanwhile, offers the suggestion that maybe they are heading for a hidden cove and hideout called Rickety's Squibs to "squib" the ship to make it unrecognizable to those familiar with it. Either way, if Plugg has changed course away from Gillespie, Sandara assumes that means that he is breaking away from Captain Harrigan's orders and striking out on his own.

The next few days are filled with grueling labor as Plugg and Scourge push the crew to their limit. The party was spared the whip, surprisingly, but when Conch convinced Jack Scrimshaw to gamble below decks one evening, the two were not so lucky and were savagely beaten by Plugg.

On the fourth day, a savage storm caught the ship and tossed it about. In the raging chaos, a small group of tentacled horrors known as grindylows slithered aboard the ship. The party was able to defeat this scouting party, but not long after, the ship crashed against a hidden reef, ripping a hole in the hull and grounding the vessel. A small island could be seen in the dark about a mile away.

When Plugg called roll the next morning, it was discovered that both Sandara and Maheem had gone missing. Plugg dismissed them as dead, washed away during the storm, but Tilly argued that they were taken by the grindylows and needed to be saved. Plugg forbade a rescue party, but when the defected Sharjhan sailors reported that the water barrels had been ruptured in the crash, Plugg commanded the party to sail a cutter to the island and fetch supplies. He told them they were to return in 48 hours—enough time for the repairs to be completed—or he would set sail without them.

Heading to the island, the party spied a fishing village they could dock at. They discovered that the mud huts were abandoned but remained guarded by eerie skeletal statues carved with toothmarks. Deciding to forgo the path through the mire on the far side of the village, the party crossed through jungle to reach a fist of rock that rose above the tree line. From this vantage point, they had a good view of the island and spotted a large planted field and a small fort on the other side of the island.

Returning to the boat, the party sailed around the island until they found a beach they could land at. Bypassing mysterious craters in the sand, the party hiked into the high ridges on the west side of the island to the fort. Inside, they were ambushed by a pair of plant-like creatures who used their vine-like arms to choke and entangle as well as a draugr who had apparently hung himself in life. Driving off the creatures, the party found a bubbling spring to fill their barrels and a nice cache of treasure, including a mysterious blue vial filled with continually settling sediment. However, Shiv had also been bitten by the draugr, and it was feared that she had contracted the disease that would transform her into the undead creature.

As the sun started to set, they finished transferring what loot they could carry back to the boat as a chilling call echoed across the island…


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