Fragged Seas: Skull & Shackles

Session 4


With sails spotted on the horizon, the Wormwood gave chase. The Sharjhan merchant vessel Man's Promise fled at the first sight of the pirates' flag, but the Wormwood proved the faster of the two ships. 

The party was tasked with taking and holding the sterncastle and wheel and making sure no one made it to the boats. With Dane leading the charge, the party grappled to the other ship under the cover of magical fog provided by Pepper Longfarthing. The Sharjhan defenders, cut down by blade, fire, and fist, and then finding themselves facing their fallen comrades under Rip's control, quickly surrendered the wheel, but not without taking terrible losses.

During the battle, Shiv bravely leapt to Captain Harrigan's defense, saving him from a skulking Sharjhan. Not long after, the boat was rocked with an explosion, the cause of which the party has still not discovered. Finally, they caught a glimpse of Captain Harrigan leaving the captain's cabin carrying what appeared to be a human heart.

As the battle wound down and it became clear that they had lost, the Sharjhan first mate led the remainder of the defenders in a mad rush to the boats. With a host of raised undead blocking the way however, she and the other sailors surrendered at Rip's command.

The celebration afterward lasted for a full day and a half, during which the party discovered that Mister Plugg would be taking command of the Man's Promise and returning it to Gillespie. Sure enough, they were selected to be part of the skeleton crew, a move that would surely put them and their few friends in danger of Plugg and Scourge's wrath…


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