Dane Douram

Swift Drunken Brawler


Stands before you is a a five foot eleven inch tall Ralkaran. He has greasy, long black hair that falls before his eyes. He stands prideful from the lack of clothes that he has. The shirt he has on is only his sweaty and knotty chest hair which runs all over from neck to waist. His face looks like it has been carved out of wood. There is no doubt that his face has met many fists. Even with his sweaty body, the only smell that comes from Dane is the smell of a cheap rum. It is almost as if he bathes in it.


Dane is has learned to call the small, coastal town of Myrmidon his home. It has been so long since he has been to his actual home that he really can’t tell you where it is. Or maybe Dane chooses to not tell anyone. Who knows, the rum is always talking.

Dane Douram

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