Rashad ibn Ishmael al-Pasani "Rip"

Ancient Macabre Warlock



The man standing before you seemingly defies time. More apt to be rotting in the ground than running about a pirate ship. Long bony fingers, thin white hair and ancient wrinkled skin define him. His eyes a pale grey look back at you betraying nary a hint of emotion. His coat brims with various bottles each filled with some sort of liquid. Affixed to his belt is a mallet, a fine looking pistol, and a black leather bound book with purple print on the cover. He moves with a purpose and speed you would have never though possible for a man of his age, but as you look closer you see why. His body is in remarkable shape for being at such an advanced age. It’s clear he has taken care of himself through all these years.


He’s been almost everywhere and done a little bit of everything. Though he feels most at home mending things that are broken. Whether that be the ship, the crew, or the dead.

Rashad ibn Ishmael al-Pasani "Rip"

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