Artorias "Art" Stahlverfolger

Tactless Monster Hunter


Artorias looks upon himself as a hunter, though not all in the same profession would agree. His family naming themselves after what they use and what they do. He stands tall around 5’11 with a noticeable girth around his midsection. Physical strength is apparent on his character along with a fair number of misbegotten scars. Most notably is his missing right leg, wrenched from him at a young age whilst on his very first hunt with his family.

His usual appearance is scraggly with unkempt black hair and beard to match. His round face seeming more alike to a typical bar drunk than a monster hunter. Despite it all he retains a bizarre endearment to those of the opposite sex.


[What you’re willing to tell someone you just met. You can expound on this as more of your back story comes to light.]

Artorias "Art" Stahlverfolger

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