Piratical Punishments

Rope Bash – Little more than an admonishment—and occasionally used as a sign of endearment—a rope bash is a single attack with the hefty, sealed end of a ship's rope that deals Endurance Damage equal to the Str of the attacker and 1 Critical Damage. 

The Lash – This is an attack using a whip that deals 9 Endurance Damage and 1 Critical Damage.

Cat-o'-Nine-Tails – This is an attack using a cat-o'-nine that deals 5 Endurance Damage and 2 Critical Damage

Confined in the Sweatbox – A cramped metal box left on deck and exposed to the sun, a sweatbox is terribly confining and replicates unbearably hot conditions. Every two hours a character spends in the box, she must succeed at a Physical 12 roll or gain the Exhausted condition. The difficulty of the check increases by +2 for every two consecutive hours the character spends in the box. Victims typically spend 8, 12, or even 24 hours locked up in the sweatbox.

Keelhauling – The most frightful of pirate punishments is keelhauling, as it generally ends in death—often by decapitation. Being keelhauled involves being tied to a rope looped over a ship's keel and dragged down one side of a ship, underwater across the barnacle encrusted hull, and up the other side. Keelhauling takes several round and can be done either fast or slow. If done fast, the barnacles cut deep and flense the victim, dealing damage as per a dagger attack each round. If done slow, shallower cuts are incurred, dealing  damage as per a dagger attack every two rounds, but the risk of drowning increases (page 66 of Fragged Seas). How long keelhauling takes typically depends on the vessel, with a keelhauling on an average-sized ship taking 6 rounds if done fast and 12 rounds if done slow. 

Piratical Punishments

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