Kestrelt Empire – A large religious empire that spanned most of the known world before the Deep Ones awoke. Now they're desperately trying to maintain their control of what's left of the world of Toil.


Tyvorosi Trade Guild - Incredibly rich, the Tyvorosi make use of privateers and mercenaries in their ongoing war for independence from the Kestrelt Empire. Despite the world being in ruins, they have positioned themselves along several major trade routes in the Faerie Sea and are always looking for new ways to solidify their financial power.

Sharjh Wind-Warlocks – These former desert nomads have turned to the worship of the Deep Ones under the rulership of the Wind Warlocks. They are obsessed with the dark gods, magic, and ancient artifacts, and the petty mortal wars of the Kestrelts and the Tyvorosi interest them not at all.

Ralkara - Matriarchal barbarian clans from the frozen south, the Battle-Queens of the Ralkara do what they do best: relish in the mayhem spread by the Deep Ones, hunt the horrors for sport, and slay the occasional pirate for glory. It is every Ralkarans' hope that someday songs of their greatest deeds may continue to bring honor to their ancestors.

Free People – Pirates, renegades, refugees… The Free People come from all corners of the world to escape their respective homelands. Unfortunately for them, the Deep Ones have driven the attention of the nations of Toil to the relative safety of the Free Isles.

Native Tribes - These are the tribal inhabitants of the Free Isles who lived there before the Free People arrived. It is said that a grieving tribal queen, with her last dying breath, cursed the world of Toil and awoke the Deep Ones from their slumber beneath the Faerie Sea.


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