Barroom Talespinner –  I grew up listening to tales of adventure and piracy on the high seas and the sea chanteys of old salts in dockside dives. I learned all about what it’s like to be a pirate by talking with the sailors on shore leave, and I learned how to tell a tall tale myself. Now I seek my own adventures so that tales of my exploits will spread around Toil.

Blessing of the Gods - I was born aboard a ship at sea or down by the docks in a port city on an auspicious day. Old salts and sea dogs nod knowingly and say the Pirate Queen has marked me for a greater destiny. I don’t know anything about that, but I’ve always felt more at home on the sea than on land. Traveling to the Free Isles, I aim to find my fate and make it mine.

Buccaneer's Blood - One of my ancestors was an infamous Captain of the Free Isles, whose very name struck fear in the hearts of those who sailed the seas in search of an honest living. Piracy is in my blood, and I’ve always longed to follow in my forebear’s footsteps and plunder the shipping lanes.

Dockside Brawler - I grew up on the dangerous docks of one of the Shackles’ numerous ports or anchorages, and quickly learned that fists often make a better point than fancy words, especially when used the right way. I’ve always preferred action to talk, anyway. I'll show the world that no one messes with me.

Eye for Plunder – I've always had a keen eye for the glitter of gold or silver, and I've robbed enough rich merchants and raided enough ships to have a feel for where the most valuable plunder is hidden. When they tell tales of me in years to come, I want to be known as the richest man in the world.

Monster Hunter – One of my legs was bitten off below the knee by a shark when I was just a child and was replaced with a wooden peg leg. I've long since gotten used to my prosthesis, but my hatred for sharks and other monsters of the deep has not cooled.

Ralkara Native - I was born among the tribes of the Battle-Queens.  I was raised to relish the mayhem spread by the Deep Ones; we laughed in their hideous faces, hunted the horrors for sport, and slayed pirates for glory when they came to raid our shores. Now I set out from my people in hopes that someday, songs of my great deeds may continue to bring honor to my ancestors.

Ship's Surgeon – On a ship, a sailor often has to learn multiple skills, and this rule certainly applies to me. My father was a woodworker, and I learned my first trade from him. But on my first voyage at sea, I quickly found out that a carpenter is often a ship's doctor as well—after all, who knows more about sawing off limbs than someone who saws wood for a living? People are a lot bloodier than wood, that's for sure, but I haven't had many complaints—those sailors who have enjoyed my services are either happy to be alive or dead, and there's old salts who swear the peg legs I made for them are better than the real legs they used to have.

Touched by the Sea – I've always felt the call of the sea, and my blood surges with the ebb and flow of the tides. Perhaps one of my parents was a sailor or pirate, or maybe one of my ancestors had a bit of sea monster blood in them. Whatever the reason, I'm as comfortable on water as I am on land, and the thrill of being at sea is all the reward I need in this life.


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