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Nationality – There are three  large nations and three smaller regions for your characters to originate from. Your choices should motivate or be motivated by your Background selection.

Suggested Names – Listed are some naming conventions in the various areas of the world of Toil.

Motivations – Choose your top three and send them to me, in order, in a private message. After I receive everyone's, I'll assign them based on your preferences. Keep them secret! Your choices will determine previous relationships with NPCs, and those will not always be in concert with your other party members.

Roles Aboard a Ship – A pirate crew is more than just a mob of cutthroats on a ship; all crew members have specific roles and responsibilities, with harsh punishments being meted out upon those who shirk their duties. 

Piratical Punishments – Speaking of punishments, to maintain the obedience and effectiveness of their crews, most captains enforce strict schedules and shipboard laws upon their vessels, all maintained by the swift dispensation of brutal punishments. The following presents (in order of severity) the game effects of a variety of typical nautical punishments you have the potential to face or inflict during their piratical careers. Most of these sentences are meted out just before the evening meal, at an event typically referred to as the bloody hour.

Pirate Entertainment – With time on their hands and precious few places to go, the pirates of Toil have come up with an astonishing array of pastimes. 

Locales of the Free Isles – A quick overview of the major settlements of the Free Isles. Aside from these, there are many small villages as well as ancient ruins and deepspawn nests to be explored.

Religions of Toil – Though the last manifestation of the 'Old Gods' occurred thousands of years ago when they cast the Dark Ones down to fracture the world, many still hold to old beliefs and hope that there are still greater powers watching over them.

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Main Page

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