Grimgar Benelli

Tenacious Empire-Builder


Grimgar’s appearance contradicts itself. He is past his middle years and past his prime. The lines on his face suggest that he has not seen as much sun as a working man. But his hands have the hard calluses of a working man. His boots are too well-worn. This man does not ride in carriages. But his beards is filled with rivulets of silver. He is a common man with wealth.

He has impossibly bushy eyebrows that are complemented with matching black hair and beard. His beard is woven with silver. It is not rings like most men who adorn their beards have. He has many fine strands of silver woven into his beard. Like silver hairs with the black. A flaunting and fearless display of wealth. He is dressed in fine leathers and sports a rifle slung on his back, a pistol on his chest, and a sword on his hip. His hat has 2 feathers of a Griffon. These feathers are very valuable. But Grimgar dyed them silver. This completely destroyed their value. One has to wonder, what kind of wealth did this man have at his disposal to waste such valuable goods.

He wears mostly black and brown clothes that are augmented with silver when he can. He is polite to most strangers, but has an annoying habit of handing out his own proverbs like a grandfather.

His eyes are emerald green.


Grimgar Benelli is a man past his prime, but his eye still sparkle with ambition and curiosity. He has sailing experience and experience in leading a crew. He loves to do business and says that one time he even made 4 wealth from selling bovine manure to a bank. He will then smile at you and say, “I tell all my partners to make preparations to be a benefactor of my success, or you may just become a casualty of that success.”

Grimgar Benelli

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