Mister Plugg

First Mate of the Wormwood


Bald except for a black ponytail and sporting a long, narrow beard, Mr. Plugg somehow looks angry, miserable, and uncomfortable all at the same time. Bare-chested, he wears an immaculate coat with pearl buttons and carries a cat-o’nine-tails with him at all times. He clearly takes great pride in himself—everything about him shines, from the polish on his boots to the dome of his head. His teeth are gray and yellow, however, and his face is fixed in an almost constant grimace.


Everyone on board the Wormwood knows that Mister Plugg is the captain’s right hand when it comes to dealing with the ship’s crew, but Harrigan’s other officers form a close inner circle that Plugg can’t seem to penetrate, a fact that vexes him to no end. Nevertheless, Harrigan is sure to punish anyone who attacks Plugg, a fact that every member of the crew is acutely aware of.

Mister Plugg

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