Fragged Seas: Skull & Shackles

Session 2

Trouble in the Sun

On the fifth day of their involuntary voyage, the party encountered Bear Hartshorn, Mr. Plugg's "pet." Plugg threw a pouch of coins on deck and challenged anyone to take on Bear in a fist fight, a challenge that Shiv gladly took. She discovered that the Bear was as tough as his namesake, however, and it wasn't until Plugg doubled-down and offered another prize to any other challenger that she and Rip were able to start repelling the beast. In the end, Shiv was knocked out cold on the deck, Bear, now armed with a club from Master Scourge, was trying to back down, and Rip graciously allowed the fight to end there. Plugg, unimpressed, retrieved his gold.

A few days later, a massive storm rocked the ship and the captain called for all hands on deck. The crew worked all through the night, and in the dark hours before dawn, young Jack Scrimshaw was washed overboard. Fortunately, Shiv, Rip, and Tilly were able to throw him a rope and pull him to safety. 

The storm died down over the next couple days, and with the rocky coast of Lover's Run in sight, the captain sent the party to hunt some crabs from a nearby reef. Unbeknown to them, however, a pair of reefclaws, corrupted crustacean monstrosities, also hunted in the reef. After a skirmish in the water, the party was able to return to the Wormwood with four buckets of fresh crab and two reefclaw corpses. The captain, impressed with their find, returned all of Grim's belongings as a reward.

Mr. Plugg was not very pleased at seeing the captain's good graces falling on the party, however…


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